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As a comedian, she needs some sort of frankness to fall back on although maybe we can do without stereotypes based on appearances.She seems unaware and shocked to find out that racism still occurs to the extent of such violence, especially after visiting some Southern states.We relate more than we know to people in the show because, let’s face it—she addresses each type of relationship whether one is single, dating or married.Chelsea highlights those that grew up with constantly changing technology, who can type faster than most adults can and then people who can’t seem to understand why we need a robot to store our memories.At times, her honesty reveals what some of us are thinking but may be too afraid to say out loud.Similarly, she wants happiness for two people despite their gender, as she presents two women together as the happiest couple.

Quickly, her expected comedy becomes uncomfortable and awkward at times.The funny thing about Hugh Jackman thinking he's a skinny, long-legged person and that his wife wants him to be chubby, is that he's clearly none of those things! He explains, however, his current state — which is basically a muscle farm with the freshest most bulging and organic muscles available — is due to work!He looks like that because Wolverine looks like that! and yet, here's what he has to say: Tags: body, chubby, fitness, health, hugh jackman, husband, love line, natural, skinny, wife, wolverine Sing WHAA?Ed, you can sign anything of ours any day of the week!! Welcome to the Holiday Negative Zone between Christmas and New Year’s where not a goddamn thing happens, so we spend the whole week regurgitating the top galleries of the year for you to click the shit out of all over again because you have no willpower. So here are her topless photos from a location that isn’t important because it’s not a giant breast island floating in the sea.

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