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The software language that allowed for the creation of Web pages and the first browser was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee (born 1955).

Interestingly, the mathematician parents worked on the Ferranti Mark 1, the first commercially sold computer. Free Shipping No inventive roundup is complete without a look at modern consumerism.

Unhappy with the clumsy artificial leg with which he was fitted, Phillips switched majors and went on to invent a limb based on the C-shape of a cheetah's rear leg.The innovative marketing strategy led to the popular deal site Free which lists retailers who offer free shipping promotions and other online discounts. The Universal Serial Bus port Better known as a USB, the device invented by Ajay Bhatt (born 1957) allows you to plug peripherals into your computer as easily as you plug a lamp into the wall.Thus was born a vastly easier method of connecting your computer to everything from printers to digital cameras. The Ethernet You can thank Robert Metcalfe (born 1946) and his ubiquitous invention for your ability to share documents, printers and connections to the Internet.As a consumer, I have the right to purchase the freshest product at the grocery store.Only bill in congress is HR 2699, deals with state rights (scroll down to G 1).

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