C progress bar not updating

Do Work = Event Count Log Lines Do Work; i Count Log Records.Progress Changed = Event Count Log Lines Progress Changed; i Count Log Records.That way the User Interface thread (which is the one that has to do all the screen updates) can redraw the progres bar whenever you change the percent complete.It's important to note that only the UI thread can update the interface.The progressbar is rendered, as is my main window, but does not update whilst the backgroundworker does its thing.The following code is called at the very end of the constructor of the main window: i Count Log Lines Progress Bar = new Progress Bar Window(); i Count Log Lines Progress Bar.cancel Button.

I see a number of devs throwing out "calling Do Events is bad bad practice; don't do it, do it right" types of comments on this and other threads.

What I am trying to do is have it so that each file copied gets the Progress Bar a little closer to the end until they are all copied. Hi, your application starts the copying processes and the display of the progess-bar from within the same thread.

File-IO can be very consumptive regarding processor-time and thus performance.

I can see the progressbar update very quickly to halfway on two of the small files.

The two larger 36MB files do not update the bar at all until the end and then the blue bars on the Progress Bar only go up to halfway when completed.

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