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My music is a perfect match with various types of video games, trailers, performances, commercials and movies..just for casual listening. I've composed and published over 20 hours of music since I published my first album in 2013. The license price depend very much on the size of your project.

You can find me and listen to my music on Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, i Tunes, Facebook ..every other place in the internet. The cheapest licenses per song start from USD (very low-budget and small-scale projects such as performances or small Youtube channel videos).

The libraries I own cost anywhere from to 00 a piece. You can't substitute bad instruments for composing or mixing skills (and vice versa).

I only have experience with FL studio DAW so I don't know about Pro Tools or Ableton or Cubase. A: No, I have learned everything by myself, and so can you! A: I used to try and play the guitar when I was younger but nowadays I'm doing everything on the computer.

But improvising on Instrument 1 felt like joining those concepts and taking them to their logical conclusion as a full-fledged tangible creative music tool. For this demo, I used Artiphon’s own Instrument 1 i OS app on an i Pad (the Android version isn’t ready).

A couple of friendly tips: I'm not able to do everything. If you want the music to sound just like Skyrim then you should ask Jeremy Soule to make your music, not me. Q: Je voudrais me permettre d'utiliser la musique... Don't send me messages in French or Spanish or Swedish. It has taken me around 15 years of trying out, experimenting and failing by myself until I've reached this level. No one can teach you to become productive or creative.

The physical act of hitting a drum or plucking a string or moving yours hands up and down piano keys, on stage or in a tour bus, is crucial to the experience. Pressure sensitive buttons let you strum, press frets, or even hold the device up on your shoulder like a violin.

And if you lay it on a surface, the neck acts as a piano/drum kit.?

Q: Can you give me some hints about composing with virtual instruments?

A: You'll need a lot of money to buy yourself a good set of libraries to work with.

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But whereas most MIDI controllers are keyboards hooked up to inscrutable boxes, Instrument 1 is shaped like a purposefully vague string instrument.

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