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Recent demographic data show that the number of marriages per 1 000 persons decreased within the EU-28 in recent decades, while the number of divorces increased.An increase in the proportion of children who are born to unmarried couples was also apparent.It turns out that, instead of showing white men to be the pathetic, undesirable and loathsome creatures that we know they are, and black men to be the most desirable and strong men we know them to be, the statistics showed the opposite.

Among the EU member States the lowest crude rates were in Malta (0.9) and Slovenia (1.2); in general southern or eastern Member States — Greece (1.3, 2014 data), Italy and Croatia (both 1.4), Bulgaria (1.5) — had low crude rates.

The fact remains that “once you go black, you never go back”, and whites simply need to shut up and accept that they are inferior.

Progressive narratives are truth, and any so-called evidence which contradicts them should be dismissed as bigoted and ignorant.

Among the EU member States the highest rate were in Lithuania (7.6), Cyprus (7.2) and Malta (7.0).

The lowest crude marriage rates were reported in Portugal and Slovenia (both 3.1 marriages per 1 000 persons).

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But recently it has come to light that dating statistics are painting a very different picture, which from the media we know know is utterly contrived.

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