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It is a denomination within Islam that claims to fulfill Islamic prophecy regarding the return of the Messiah in Latter Day times.Founded in Qadian Adherents believe that the khalifa is a divinely guided spiritual leader elected by men.

I will introduce you to many progressive interpretations taken on by the Ahmadis that contrast with the Islamic orthodoxy on issues such as evolution, salvation, permissibility of jihad and freedom of religion.

1 million Muslims across the US were registered to vote in this election – double the number who registered in 2012, he added.

British Muslims also expressed concern about the impact of Mr Trump’s victory.

He also claimed the mother of a Muslim US soldier killed in combat was “not allowed to speak” at the Democratic convention because of her faith, despite there being no evidence that this was the case.

: “There are tremendous levels of fear given the anti-Muslim rhetoric we have seen from Donald Trump during this campaign.” “Now we have to wait and see if it was all an act or if he’s really going to carry out these bigoted policies”.

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