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(I also took them in 9th and 12th grade.) Ellen talked to our daughter. If not, they will most likely make the wrong decision later when they are on a date. Safe sex for the Christian is no sex prior to marriage.

On one of those 6th grade trips, my son said, “Dad, I already know all about sex. “You probably do, but you need to hear my perspective on it and especially God’s perspective on it.” You see, sex was designed by God to be great … See 1 Corinthians 7:1-5 Today, you have to be very specific about what you mean by sex.

They have heard all about it from their friends and many have seen a perversion of it because of internet and TV pornography. I took each of my three sons on a father/son weekend to talk about sex when they were in the 6th grade – the first year of Middle School. The best thing we can do for our kids in teaching them about sex, is to challenge them to make some decisions before they ever start dating.

Doesn’t it stand to reason, logically, that if that many strangers are meeting, more of EVERYTHING is happening? I just think it’s important to frame the discussion with actual numbers that prove that, all things considered, online dating is as safe as meeting a stranger at a party. But I am blessed to be living in NYC where you’re ALWAYS surrounded by a lot of people, CCTV cameras, where there’s never a need to be in the car with your date.

The only difference is that you meet a lot more people on Tinder than you do at parties. I would probably feel much less safe in some other locale, and I would never under any circumstance get in a car with a stranger.

There’s the initial poke and wink, the kissy face emoticons, and before you know it you’ve engaged in long and heart felt conversations with someone that you honestly might start to really like and even love, all in a space of virtual reality, never knowing if what is being said online honestly depicts their true story.

Let’s have a look at some basic pros of the world of online dating.

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  2. Sending an introductory message is not only courteous, but will probably garner you more success as it gives you the opportunity to explain your interests and desires, e.g., if you have a thing for Asian girls, say it on your profile, and maybe one will message you and you could meet them for interracial sex.