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Media silence is a must for Meghan if she is looking to tie the knot with Prince Harry, but according to India she actress may already be pushing the boundaries of what will be acceptable to the intensively private British Royal Family.Meghan posted a picture to her Instagram, in which she was wearing bracelets identical to those Prince Harry also wears - sparking a wealth of speculation.“She shouldn’t do any of that,” India warned, “She should only talk about her own interests.Previous Australian guests include Hannah Kent, Liane Moriarty, John Safran, Richard Flanagan, Helen Garner, Robert Dessaix, Kate Grenville, Alexis Wright, Tom Keneally, Kate Mc Clymont, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Omar Musa and Ceridwen Dovey.The Festival is a not-for-profit organisation, and as such our aim is to be accessible to a wide range of audiences.An ex-boyfriend could come up, and there has already been some issues with her family speaking out.If the Queen doesn’t like any of that it can damage the relationship,” India said.

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India says this is because men tend to become too comfortable once their partner has moved in, often leaving the woman waiting for a proposal that may never come.“What does he need to get married for if you live together?

He’s got wife privileges and he’s getting sex,” India said.“I would strongly advise Meghan not to move in until there’s a ring on the finger and a wedding date set, even if it’s something vague like March next year.”The additional pressure of Prince Harry’s royal role, and media attention on the pair, could cause an engagement to break - meaning Meghan should be keeping the couple’s courtship as snappy as possible.“In Meghan’s case there is a lot of media attention and it can damage their relationship.

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