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With Whatsapp, you can talk to the guy without letting the entire family know how frequently you are talking, or not talking. Now, when I see our earlier chats, I feel so special. So, when our families wanted us to meet, he planned it at a coffee shop.I also tease my husband by showing him his old chats where he used to flirt with me! And because he already knew what I likes, he ordered everything according to my taste, and I did the same for him.This guy, who pinged me on Whats App , was very nice to talk to.His only problem was that he would frequently make mistakes of then/than and their/there. In fact, I am thankful that we started conversing over Whats App , and I got to know that he didn't know basic English.

The families are now locking our wedding date for next January." Less invasive than Facebook: For many, chatting is also more comfortable since they don't have to worry about someone going through their entire profile, old photographs and friends lists.

You do try to find out how your prospective partner is, but you don't make it so obvious.

I'd prefer Whatsapp any day." Bad chat grammar, relentless pinging also gets people rejected: Doing the rishta talk through chatting can also have its flip side, as how you type is seen as a reflection of how you are.

I've been asked to speak to you, etc.' I was confused about how to strike a conversation. I'm more comfortable talking to strangers over messages than on the phone.

When we thought we were comfortable meeting each other as we now know each other decently well, we met.

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