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I will greatly appreciate your response so i can further with the purchase -Regards, Gracey-email sent from my i Pad G (at&t)® Via Top Chef Wi-Fi Connection USA-A jazz musician can improvise based on his knowledge of music-He understands how things go together-For a chef, once you have that basis, that's when cuisine is truly exciting, Gracey- Live, Love,and Laugh It's Asset Acceptance, a junk debt-collection agency that only employs sleezey- Once you enter into a re-payment agreement or a payment arrangement with them they change the rules midstream because they are unscrupulous psychopaths- Plus, they tape-record every word of the conversation even if they claim that they aren't recording it- They have a sophisticated Software App that allows them to program a different caller phone number into their system (known as Spoofing) so the phone # that displays on your ID Caller is not the actual #- This way, they don't appear anonymous, while actually being anonymous , sleeze baggery at it's finest- If you call them back you get one of those real fast busy signals, which means it's a bogus phone number- Asset Acceptance has over phone numbers that they call from and that number might be as high as -A personal note to AA crooks and criminals: " The line between clever and stupid is a fine line-"I received a call tonight at my home from Robert Fisher supposedly with a summons that needed to be served for multiple incidences concerning my son who has not lived at home for the last years- He said that he would contact friend and family until he found him or his place of employement- He said that if he found his place of employment he would go there and serve him and have his employer witness- He left a number of , He said at the end of the message that this was the notice that our son had been served- Whats up with this?Continuously getting calls from this number sometimes x a day- I have repeatedly informed the caller they have the wrong number and they always ask how long I have had the number and I always hang up when they continue with the questions- Very irritating and annoying I was contacted by Care Corp and do not have ant procedures or radiology now, in my past or future- This is a scam operation mining for personal information- Funny I do not have MVP insurance either- So this company is monitoring this site to reply to antone that calls it what it is- A scam operation- Don't be fooled hang up on them This phone number belongs to a public utility named Caller IDU, Inc-, which is run by Paul Maduno and Luis Martinez- They have entered into revenue sharing agreements with telemarketers who make illegal unsolicited telephone calls- They profit directly from these outbound unsolicited telephone calls-This appears to be a clear violation of a number of laws, including C-F-R- §-(b) of the Federal Telemarketing Sales Rule-Please take a moment to report this call via an online complaint to regulators-Washington Attorney General Online Complaints:fortress-wa-gov atg formhandler ago Complaint Form-aspx Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Online Complaints:www-utc-wa-gov consumers Pages Consumer Complaint Form-aspx Federal Do Not Call Complaint Form:complaints-donotcall-gov complaint complaintcheck-aspx?That explains it- I went to such a site couple weeks ago and provided my info but never ordered- My Bad They are calling me - times a night spaced about min apart- What a PITAThey call several times each day and when I answer most of the time I hear the robo-caller beep and they hang up- Sometimes when I answer I can hear people talking in the background- I say hello or times but nobody says anything so I hang up- Only once have I talked with somebody- Very quickly I knew this was money scam- Had to do with a loan several years ago that I paid off with cashiers check and my witness can confirm because she picked up the cashiers check for me and took it to the post office- Beware of these scam artist as they try to trick people especially seniors who might not remember- Tell them to send you what they have by US Postal Service, this is the instructions I was told by the Alabama State Attorneys Office- When I told them this the man screamed at me and hung up- However they still call but have yet to send anything to me via mail- Again beware of this scammer Caller says his name is Kevin James with United Process Servers in Dallas (they do not exist)- He left a message that he had a court case with my name and ss#- Scared me so I actually checked open court cases That too was non existent Now he has called an harassed my daughter How can I stop this???Received text message from saying, "Congratulations You have been chosen to receive a Wal-Mart Gift Card- Please go to bit-ly HCr RAZ-Scam- The last letters in the link also give away the fact that it truly is, "Cr RAZ" (crazy)- Would like to see these scammers caught and prosecuted My friend works there and she gave me this advice: Vista Marketing sells "trial offers" to "special cardholders" (aka anyone they can get card numbers for)- They call you and offer you "trial programs" that will contain what appears to be a sweet deal, but really locks you into paying ridiculous monthly fees for a service that you do not really need, and is not worth buying- Once you accept the offer and "free gift" you are trapped- Canceling these programs is very difficult and takes a huge amount of effort to do- They LOVE customers who do not actively listen to what they are saying especially those who fall into any of these categories: elderly, college age, people who do not understand the English language well, busy people (they call you at work or on your mobile phone), and undereducated to name the majority- These people are not as likely to call and cancel for several months and they companies they sell for make money from these people by taking advantage of them- If you or someone you know gets a call from Vista Marketing, on behalf of one or more of their partners (see below), DO NOT ACCEPT the offer without completely understanding what you are signing up for- If you do not want it, say NO THANKS and HANG UP- They will try to keep you on the line as long as possible and this is the only power they have- When you hang up, they cannot get you to OK the charges to your card and if they process your "membership trial" you can report them to your card issuer or bank- Some of the partner programs (risk-free trial memberships) are: Consumer Auto Rewards, Cash Rewards, , Call-MD, Legal-Ease, Magazines, Safe Secure Warranty and others Received several calls said complaint filed- Said have attorney call or myself- When I asked to sent me information on the person who has the complaint they said I received- Assured them nothing was received- Said they bought the complaint from another company would not send me information when I asked- This was in April still calling won't send me info, when I told the lady Monica I was recording her she asked me to turn it off I said I did I didn't especially since she said we' ll have warranty, hold my accounts asked for information to be send their not giving me what I want- Figure a scam not giving me information Thanksgiving :pm call from , First silence, then sounds of office in background, hung up when I spoke again- Tried dialing back but the number "is no longer in service" , so whoever is making the calls obviously knows how to send a fraudulent caller ID signal This number, and a string of other and numbers, has called our business numbers multiple times- No fax (though, sounds like a fax tone), no one on the phone, no way to look them up or ask them to stop calling- Filing a Junk Fax Form with the FCC, recommend you do so as well, or you can fill out a Do Not Call Complaint with the FTC-FCCesupport-fcc-gov form consumer-do?

Numerous calls within a short time, even though I am on the do not call list- Don't know if the don't call list applies to to foreign telemarketers-Finally, I answered and asked to be taken off their call list- Three times I asked to be taken off before they gave up the spiel and said they would Cell phone of a rd-party debt collector who repeatedly calls and harasses anyone he thinks is connected to his target, whether they are or are not- He uses reverse lookup to call neighbors, people with the same last name, etc-, and is as belligerent and persistent as he can be, hoping he'll get lucky and find someone who knows his target- He doesn't care that he knows the people he's harassing don't know and aren't connected to his target; he's just hoping to get lucky- It's not even certain that his targets owe any money; his accounts are all off the cheap-o last resort debt lists that may or may not be valid; he's just beating the bushes trying to beat whatever he can out of it The person called pretending to be a representative of a Bankers Life insurance company- Requested my mother-in-law to send in , through a prepaid Visa card from Wal-Mart in order to receive death benefits of a life insurance policy from my father-in-law- Said she had to get the money to them in an hour and minutes in order to receive the money- Scam Send this person back to the foreign country from which they camethis company has phone numbers from () , , MCIMETRO ACCESS TRANSMISSION SERVICES LLC scam to get your card information- then get hostile when don't give them the info told them several times they had the wrong number-still keep harassing me, Just play the mind game with them they will get annoyed and leave you alone, Just give them a bunch of phony numbers,or better yet get a whistle and blow it loud in their ear-then keep calling them back and do it,all over again,they will leave you alone-they own all of these numbers I'm getting calls at my office from NCO Financial Systems- This is one of the numbers that appear on caller id- I didn't answer calls from , but I suspect it comes from the same source- So, I am not % sure it's a collection agency- This claim needs a confirmationthis is who my step dad reported them to The Treasury Inspector General For Tax Analasys and Fraud - Contact them- And report this illegal activity- Or if they contact you dont give in have someone who can speak english call u back so u can understand their scam And contact all payday loan companys, and let them know that they are being targeted for information about their customers for this scamthis number keep on calling me- ui have absolutely no idea who it is and they dont leave a voice mail- the one time i answered they asked for someone and then the call was dropped- so, who is this????????

I've had enough- I hope those of you who've been preyed on by these insistant vultures have too- Let's report them to the authorities and see if they hang up on the law I'm looking for this lady Her name is Alejandra Gallardo-She's a fake real estate-More than people are looking for her-She was last located in E- Stafford Street City of Industry CA P-S- She has children with her I answered the phone- They asked me if I was - and then gave my name - I stupidly say yes and then the line went dead- Very poor connection- I called back and got the message that the extension wasn't working Got a call from Connie Lee, left , as her direct line- Called the number and got an automated attendant, put on hold, then got voicemail- Callback came from , (Connie Lee () - Lakeridge Dr, Lavon, TX as a residential address)- Directed to website ______-looknowmakemoney-com- Premise is do you want to make a lot of money and if there were a significant opportunity on the table would you consider it-Appears to be some sort of MLM- When you access the frontpage you need to put in an access code to see the remainder- Simple Google search reveals that there are many, many xxxxxxx-looknowmakemoney-com sites out there which would indicate that you would have some sort of investment and then part of your package would include a front office and website, (undoubtedly at a cost)- Some sites say this is actually a version of Nu Skin and others say it either is or is not a scam-I suppose you could judge for yourself Same thing happened to me- Got a name Lynn Wilson saying she was for the Federal Gaming and Control Board in Washington- Gave the same kind of deal- Supposedly won the same amount of cash- Needed secure the win by securing % down- What a scam To report the fraud, go here:www-grants-gov web grants support general-support grant-fraud-html Their number is listed , along with an email address, at the top of the page-Also here:www-consumer-ftc-gov articles -government-grant-scamswww-usa-gov Consider getting a call blocking device or phone- You can google them and many are around - or so- If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some- You can google this- If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control- Iphones appear to have apps also- Another one is called Mr- Number- For tracfone & straight talk:play-google-com store apps details?

id , -tracfone&hlenextras-straighttalk-com enwww-youmail-com home carriers straight-talk block-numberwww-straighttalkwirelessforum-com viewtopic-php?

He called my work, my kids and my husbund- talk about harrasment-I need a lawyer I received a call from () - and received a message that it is urgent that I call () - regarding a legal matter- I received a claim number- I?

ve read many comments that it is a scam, and I believe it is too- I called back and they said they were looking for a Jacqueline Jefferson, and assured me they would remove my number- Let?

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