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Pat often end sentences by making a strange whimpering, giggling, or 'thought-in-process' sound.Pat apparently has very sweaty palms, and is constantly wiping them on clothing, as if to dry them.It is also stated that she is earning a massive amount of salary from her early age.Edit She was from the upper class family born as Bailee Rose Madison in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America to Patricia Riley. She has six siblings and she is the youngest child of her parents.Bailee Madison commonly known as Bailee is a child actress from United States.She is popular in the world for portraying her role in the Bridge to Terabithia.Pat was revealed to be a woman by Norm Mac Donald Sweeney has said, "I'd been an accountant for like five years, and there was one person I worked with in particular who had a lot of mannerisms like Pat.

Pat speaks in a nasal voice which is much louder than everyone else's around Pat.

She got her first nomination in this award only in 2008 and that was also the year she was honored by this award.

She was nominated for Most Inspirational Television Acting.

Pat typically wears a blue Western-style shirt, with tan slacks.

In creating the character, actress Sweeney colored her lips beige, and colored in her eyebrows, to create the character's gender-ambiguous appearance.

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