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Hardship caused by crippling sanctions in recent years has led many couples to delay tying the knot in Iran.And the Mehrieh, a dowry that is traditionally paid in gold coins, is also daunting. Average ages for marriage are rising despite a government appeal for more unions and more children. “It’s not for me,” says Mina, 32, who has been with her boyfriend Pedram for nine years, refusing his marriage proposal early in their relationship. Mina and Pedram keep their own apartments but regularly cohabit, a practice that is becoming more common despite being looked down upon by many neighbours and landlords.This is a list of online newspaper archives and some magazines and journals, including both free and pay wall blocked digital archives.Most are scanned from microfilm into pdf, gif or similar graphic formats and many of the graphic archives have been indexed into searchable text databases utilizing optical character recognition (OCR) technology.For those of marrying age, the pressure to conform can be suffocating.“I sometimes feel I am thinking about my parents more than myself,” says Fereshteh, 28, who has been going out with her boyfriend, Amir, for two years.TIKVAH LAKE RECOVERY "We literally save lives." Tikvah Lake is the only Kosher Shomer Shabbos Florida licensed residential rehabilitation center. Found the watch in front of 770 last week 9 ------ If you lost a Megillah in Congregation Lubavitch- Yeshiva Shul in Montreal, Possibly even a couple years ago Please contact the Gaboim immediately at [email protected] FOUND - TORAH MANTLE, PAROCHET A bag of multiple Torah mantles, paroches etc. If this is yours please contact me and describe what was missing so I could return it to the rightful owner. 443-321-4628 --------- Lost Tfilin both Rashi and R"T in CH yesterday contacted at: 718-753-8415 [email protected] A chitas was left in my house with the name embroidered on its leather covering. 7184930852 [email protected] Lot money Lost money on Monday, October 30 app after 3PM.

This leaves many dating couples desperate for a place to meet away from prying eyes.

Join us this Shabbos Parsha Toldos for guest speaker Adi Elefant, a shliach from Tel Aviv, Israel!

Has learner's permit inside with my address which begins with 612.

TEHRAN, Iran (AFP) — Like an increasing number of Iranians, Mahnaz divorced after marrying young because of the pressures of a conservative society that she feels often ignores a relationship’s most important ingredient: love.

Now single, she looks back with sadness on the collapse of her marriage, but bears no anger towards her parents who made the arrangements seven years ago. From the first meeting with my husband’s family I had a bad feeling about it,” she says.

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“They first asked me if I was going to marry him after one year,” she says, admitting to doubts even over touching her suitor’s hand, as such affectionate contact is forbidden outside marriage.

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