Late dating of the gospels

In 2002 an Israeli scholar by the name of Tal Ilan did some seemingly boring work that has yielded some important dividends for New Testament authentication.

She sorted through documents, engravings, scraps of papyrus, ossuaries and the like from the time period surrounding Jesus and the apostles in order to make a list of over 3,000 personal names — along with whatever bits of information she could find about those names.

If even one of the Gospels had been written before 70, the witnesses of Christ's life, miracles, death and Resurrection being still alive would guarantee the authenticity of the account.

They indeed would not have let the deception go on if the facts supposed to have happened among them (Luke 1:1) had not taken place. identified a papyrus written in Greek which was found in the cave Number 7 in Qumran, the "7Q5," as being a fragment of St.

Or should they, by exception, be systematically denied what is in them: the supernatural (even when all other explanations have failed)? They also can turn their inquiry towards (B) the language, the dialect, the style, the expression, i.e., philology, linguistics; and thirdly (C) they can rely on clues helping to locate the period of time when the work was written.

Evidence Based on Archaeology and Papyrology Let's go back to the results of the archaeological or philological "excavations" and the hunt for clues that have proved so fruitful to the supporters of historicity and early dating (before or well before 70). It has been observed in the other Qumran caves that a name written on a jar meant its provenance and/or to whom it belonged. The first reaction of theologians was to hide this discovery and not tell anything about it, but when, twenty years later, the German Protestant papyrologist Carsten P.

Thiede brought the manuscript out and declared it to be authentic in The Earliest Gospel Manuscript, (Paternoster Press, 1992), the outcry against its authenticity was enormous. Darius and Orsolina Montevecchi (Honorary President of the International Association of Papyrologists) agreed to date this papyrus in 50; twenty years, at most, after the Resurrection.

Meanwhile a scientific symposium on 7Q5 took place in Eichstatt in Bavaria in 1991 and confirmed the coincidence of its text with Mark -53. However a great majority of the exegetes still disagree. Thiede — an internationally known papyrologist — in Jesus according to Matthew, has since studied three small fragments coming from one codex. Zaninotto, G., Haute datation des Evangiles dans un document redige au Synode de Jerusalem en 836, dans La Lettre des Amis de l'Abbe Carmi- Marie-Christine Ceruti-Cendrier is a professor in the Department of Theology of the European Humanities University, Minsk, Belarus.

On the other hand, if those four Gospels originated after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70, all possible oversights, mistakes, forgeries (even well intended), intended additions or omissions may be considered. Mark's Gospel (-53) and another papyrus from the same cave as being a fragment of 1 Timothy (1 Tim. Nobody supporting the late dating has ever credibly questioned the fact that these caves were closed in 68 A.

That is why the exegetes' discussion on both the date and the original language of the Gospels prove so contentious. D., dating therefore their content from earlier than this date.

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