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Those and the other items I have mentioned before are still available.

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When Roz arrives with the cake, she finds herself drawn into the argument.

Frasier feels dejected one morning when he discovers a graffiti poem about him on the toilet wall at work, calling him a snob.

Frasier and his family are still with Claire in Belize.

Niles and Martin think Claire is wonderful (although Daphne resents this), but Frasier is troubled by a dream he had about Lana, and wonders if he is with the right woman.

The Alderney Wildlife Trust and South East Grid for Learning Associates also bring to you LIVE: Teaching through Nature, an educational resource which follows the seabird season with LIVE webcams from the heart of the colonies. G is an exciting project that will continue to give us an amazing insight into the lives of our Northern Gannets.

You will be able follow the birds on an online map and find out exactly where they are going when they are not on Ortac - maybe you'll even be able to spot them on Gannetcam!

He asks Roz to invite her new boyfriend, Roger, but she claims that she thinks Roger would be uncomfortable with the people at the party. - tracking the movements of our Gannets LIVE using GPS tags.These are live photos from weather cameras broadcasting 24 hours a day. Click on the pictures to go to the source websites, there you will get a bigger image or live video.It turns out that this man, Bob, is Kirby's father, who left Lana for his dental hygienist. Lana throws him out, and then retires to her bedroom.Kirby begs Frasier to talk to her, and in the end he takes the honourable course by advising Lana to talk to Bob, since she clearly still has feelings for him.

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