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The royal family celebrates the first birthday of its superstar, Prince George of Cambridge, on July 22.

Join our live chat with royal experts as we look at Prince George’s first 12 months, his impact on the royal family and make some predictions about the year ahead.

The monarch is the Supreme Governor of the Church and still, Defender of the Faith.

Without the church as an instrument of the state, the sovereign would lose – as George III observed when refusing Pitt the Younger his Catholic Emancipation Bill – a central commitment of his coronation oath.

Each heir has to provide a child that will guarantee the survival of a monarchy that began with Athelstan, the first king of all-England in 926. In spite of his celebrity parents, Prince George’s chances of being king are not as high as most appear to think even though the monarchy is more popular than it has ever been during this sovereign’s reign.

The baptism of Prince George is the second of his public appearances on the road to his coronation as George VII. A opinion poll in July showed that 53 per cent of those questioned believed Britain would be worse off without royalty.

Fifteen years ago no one outside Stanford University had heard of Google. That’s how fast the accepted institutions and ways are changing. When the institutions are dissolved so the monarchy will lose its final and perhaps greatest role: the monarch, since Athelstan, has more than anything defined the identity of the nation.

For the past 300 years, institutions that supported or needed monarchy evolved. During the next sixty years that national identity and what matters to it will undergo the most radical change of all.

The Queen is probably among the top ten brand images in the world. When she succeeded her father, George VI, the public knew little about the then 26 year-old Elizabeth.

But there is only anecdotal evidence that they have improved the image of the monarchy.

Clearly, the Queen has done that and there is nothing to suggest that the Prince of Wales will sustain that relationship.

Furthermore, whatever the reform, government will not see a role for a sovereign to do the My Government Will speech.

There remains the role of the monarch and Commonwealth. The monarch’s symbolic role within that association of a quarter of the world states will be reduced. Public opinion shows little support for the wider family.

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