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His love of music lead him to play cello, guitar and oboe much to his family’s delight.He had a wry sense of humor which often carried him through times of “blues” and anxieties over finances.His early death on May 18th, 1917, at age 49, sealed shut the solid reputation he had built as a Beaux Arts, deeply American sculptor.He had helped form and become a vital part of the Boston School of Art, but it had to move ahead without his shining light.

Within these letters are snapshots of the Beaux Art period in Paris France and in America.. And, don’t forget, there are multitudes of “unfinished” or “uncommissioned” works to consider too!!

There he enjoyed farming activities such as raising chickens and cows.

He even, as a cash flow enterprise, planted pear and apple trees as well as vast crops of potatoes!

Her husband, George Pratt, a graduate of Yale University and a lawyer, was the son of the first Bela Lyon Pratt of East Weymouth, Massachusetts.

As Sarah Victoria held her infant boy, Bela Lyon Pratt, in her arms, it is doubtful she had any inkling that, by the turn of the century, he would already have carved out a strong artistic reputation for himself.

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The Civil War had barely ended when, on December 11th, 1867, Sarah Victoria Whittlesey Pratt, age 36, gave birth in Norwich Connecticut to her fourth child, Bela Lyon Pratt.

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