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Some women and men specifically chose to look for rich people to date. Who wants to remain poor but it is sick to lie all your life because you want to get someone to dupe.Dating Ghannians could be dangerious and dating nigerians could be more dangerious on the internet therefore you should be very careful whenevr you come accross a man or a woman that start to tell you taht his mother has just been admitted into the hspital and he needs money to pay for the operation. If you come accross a lady that lives in a remote village of Ghana and start to tell you to send her money to collect passport so she chould travel and meet you in Europe or Canada you should beware.

In her research in Ghana, Burrell encountered a number of young non-elite Ghanaians pursuing another approach to the Internet’s promise of prosperity: online scamming.

You just have a look at the face of this Nigerian yahoo yhaoo and see if you know him It is not only the refugees inside the junge that always fall into the hands of scammers becasue they are desprately looking for woman to assit them get out of the refugee camps.

Most people who are seriously looking for good relationship always fall into the hands of scammers.

Although Ghana’s elite already had Internet access and international connections, the more widespread availability of public Internet cafés provided the first opportunity for many ordinary Ghanaians — especially youth — to interact with the wider world.

“The Internet provided opportunities for making faraway places very tangible and personal,” said Burrell.

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