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Bitcoin isn’t necessarily entirely about illegal activity, but those sorts of profit opportunities seem to be where new technologies take off first.

Private teachers already exist, but what if those teachers were also able to livestream their lectures to outsiders at a fixed rate?

Viewers are usually bombarded with advertisements when viewing these unlicensed streams, and it also feels like viruses and malware are right around the corner on these kinds of sites.

Due to the P2P nature of Streamium, new streaming sports pirates may decide to offer a premium version of sporting events in higher quality without all of the downsides currently found in the black market industry.

Professional gamers and gaming personalities could use Streamium in a few different ways to improve their overall profits.

Although completely replacing Twitch may not be in the cards, streamers could turn to Streamium as a vehicle for pay-per-view events.

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The P2P nature of the Streamium platform has the potential to disrupt many different types of video streaming businesses currently found on the Internet due to the fact that it is now much easier to broadcast directly to an audience rather than going through a middleman.

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