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They are harmless, unless you scream "Stop offering drugs to me" in their face in the open public, like I did. It can be cheap, but somehow you spend more than what you aim for. Despite its increasing appeal to tourists, it's still relatively cheap.The night life is brilliant too, so prepare to catch up on sleep when you get back -- there is plenty to do by either day or night.

Be warned though, Prague is super touristy (watch for all the old people in tour groups...grrrr).

When you're going to Prague, there's another town called Cesky Krumlov that you shouldn't miss.

It's a historic town a few hours from Prague and a bus or train ticket is only a few dollars each way.

It doesn't mean that choosing others will make you trip worse, but being close to the main sites facilitates your visit.

Any Prague hostel within District 1 is a good choice in terms of location.

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Banditos' is an amazing place to eat and meet people in Prague.

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