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So you sit down in the chair next to the reporter, high enough to be visible over the table.But as the reporter begins to talk to the camera, your chair starts lowering by… Read More Have you heard about the new rapid growing tree fertilizer that causes a tree to sprout up like it is possessed by a rapid growth alien?No sooner does she leave then a guy comes up wanting more…Read More In this hidden camera prank, a man on a motorcycle asks a passer-by for directions.

You come into the lobby after a nice dinner and night out on town. Read More One thing that makes the Ellen show so fun to watch are the hidden camera pranks and “dance dares” (we’ll show you some of those in the coming days).

Chatroulette ist ein Webcam Chat ohne registrierung für deutschsprachigen Nutzer.

Sobald Sie die Chatroulette geladen haben, klicken Sie einfach den “Start” - Button um mit einen Gesprächtsparter oder eine Gesprächtsparterin zu verbunden.

More: Daniel Radcliffe, Nick Jonas, Maisie Williams, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Ed Sheeran, Chris Pratt, Sarah Hyland, Taylor Swift, Adele, Chelsea Briggs, Exclusive Hollywire Videos, Hollywire Hot Minute, Celebrity Pranks, hidden camera pranks So we all love a good prank, but you know what we love even more?

Watching people go undercover in hidden camera pranks!

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