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In Dublin, this could include a night at the theatre, a visit to the Book of Kells, an outing to a sporting event, etc.There will be two main excursions outside of Dublin: one to Western Ireland and one to Northern Ireland.For example, in her article “Global Sex: Sexuality and Global Sexual Practices around the World,” Judith Mackay reports “In the UK 80% of teenage girls under 20 have had sex on dates (UNAIDS, 1999; Alan Guttmacher Institute, 1998: 19, Table 3a).” From this statistic alone, you may be able to hypothesize that 1) many young girls may be engaging in sexual activity, 2) It may be common to talk about sex, 3) it may be expected to have sex on a date, and 4) It may be socially accepted. Still have more questions or want more detailed country information?From these hypotheses you may question society further: If 80% of girls under 20 have had sex on dates, where do they do it? Does a “hook-up culture” exist like it does in the U. Indiana University students can feel free to contact Michael Courtney, librarian for International Studies, at [email protected] help assist you in your search before going abroad.(Note: Indiana University Students have free access to resources that might require subscription.All resources can be accessed through under the category “Household Characteristics”.The visit to Western Ireland will give you a sense of life in the country and could include places like Galway, County Clare, the Cliffs of Moher, and the Aran Islands.

Country by country information about what to expect may be too stereotypical, false, or simplistic (Check out a fun Valentine’s Day-themed look at worldwide dating customs ).

Are there designated locations, such as “Transitory hotels” known as that are common in Buenos Aires? Some of your questions might include things such as the following: Are public displays of affection condemned or condoned?

The following pages are for anyone interested in learning more about studying abroad while at Barnard College.

Students having participated in the Study Abroad in Dublin program will: The on-site staff provide housing, program classrooms and study areas.

They also arrange on-site orientation and program excursions, as well as social and cultural events.

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